A Free Monthly Budget Spreadsheet You Can Use For Your Personal or Household Budget

For you who likes to use spreadsheets, this new monthly budget spreadsheet will make your budgeting and tracking of your personal or household expenses much better.

However, it’s not much different from the previous monthly budget spreadsheets we provided on this site. The only difference is that with this one, you can manage and keep track of your daily expenses separately. The previous spreadsheets keep a cumulative total of all expenses making it impossible to know your expenditure on a certain day of the month. But this doesn’t mean you can’t use them. Just choose the one that suits you best.

The Monthly Budget Spreadsheet Features

free monthly budget spreadsheet

Lets look at some of its features that makes it easy to use:

Separate Expenditure Records For Each Day

Like I earlier said, your daily expenses are recorded separately. This will enable you to review the expenditures of previous days and know how or what you spent on a particular day.

Budget Category & Items Column

All your budget categories plus their corresponding budget items are entered here. You can edit the budget items here to suit your unique situation but not the budget categories.

You can use the ADDITIONAL ITEMS category for items that don’t fit in the other categories and/or don't occur regularly or monthly.

monthly budget spreadsheet

Budgeted Column

This column contains your personal or household budget information. It shows the budgeted amounts to be spent in a particular budget category. You will input your budget amounts before you begin to input your daily expenditures. Visit the personal budgeting page to learn how to prepare a budget.

Actual Column

This is your personal or household cashflow statement column. It shows the actual amounts spent on a particular budget category. This column is automatically filled when you input your daily expenses, giving a cumulative total of the amount spent so far.

Variance Column

This column gives the difference between the budgeted amounts and the actual amounts spent for a particular category. It will show you how much amount is either remaining or over-spent. The totals are automatically calculated.

Easy Use Of The Monthly Budget Spreadsheet

Since the worksheet is wide, when you try to scroll further right to access a particular day, the budget category and items column gets hidden hence it becomes cumbersome to match a budget item and a day of the month. To solve that problem, the columns on the left side of the vertical RED line (see first figure above) are frozen when you scroll side ways letting the columns on the right side of the vertical RED line hide behind them.

Budgeted and Actual Spending %

You may find it useful to know the percentage of your budgeted and actual spending over the budgeted and actual income respectively. You will get that summary as shown below:

1. Your Budget vs. Expected Income

budget vs. income

2. Your Spending vs. Actual Income

spending vs. income

Supplementary Tools

When it comes to tracking your expenditures, it’s important to have a system of recording your expenses whenever they occur lest you forget them. There are two simple ways to go about it:

1. You can record your daily expenditures on a piece of paper, note book, writing pad or any other portable writing material. Later in the evening you transfer the expenditures you captured into their respective budget item cells in the monthly budget spreadsheet.

2. You can use smart phone expense trackers to capture your spending right there when they occur. Like the first option above, you can transfer the info into the monthly budget spreadsheet later.

Here are two smart phone expense trackers you can use:

1. Expenses v.3.0 for Series 60.3/60.5:

2. Mobile Economist

Do you want to try this monthly budget spreadsheet? Click the link below:

Free Monthly Budget Spreadsheet

I will appreciate if you send me your comments after using this spreadsheet.

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