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money saving tipsMoney saving tips are tips to help you save money. When you are unable to put a side some cash to build up your savings, these tips can help you start a savings plan.

There are many money saving tips probably you hate to hear when mentioned. But you don't have to feel that way. These money saving ideas are suggestions that can help you:

  1. Enjoy the same things you are doing now for much less.
  2. Avert the burden and despair of too much debt in the future.
  3. Weather any financial difficulties caused by extravagant lifestyles, bad spending habits, job loss, reduced income, hard economic times etc

So, whatever your financial situation is, these tips can be of great help to you in one way or another.

You don't have to hate any one of them. Just take what you can use and leave the rest because not all the savings or frugal tips will work for you. Go with the tips that fit in well with your lifestyle, beliefs, and financial goals.

I wrote an eBook - Extra Cash Generating Tips: Practical and proven ways to finding that extra cash and decided to approach the money saving tips with a different mindset. Instead of calling them saving tips, I called them extra cash generating tips because I knew you loooove having extra cash in your wallet :). So, instead of thinking saving tips, see them as extra cash generating tips. And they really are! Tips to help you find extra cash that you have been wasting.

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Most of the time we don't realize that we can generate extra cash from our available financial resources. Making some little adjustments in our lives, changing our attitudes and preferences towards some things, delaying instant gratification, finding creative ways to monetize our hobbies, talents and skills can make a lot of difference in our financial lives.

We shall therefore be looking at four areas where we can find ways to save money:

Household Money Saving Tips

These household tips are practical money saving ideas that can help you cut down your home expenses and free up some extra cash to make ends meet. With the rise of the cost of living, job loss, unemployment, and families living on one income, it’s imperative for you to start finding ways to stretch out your remaining source of income to cover your home expenses and save some for your financial goals.

Start saving money from your current home expenses

Smart Shopping Tips

Making a few basic changes on how we shop for various stuffs can make a big difference on how much we spend and save money. Many of us have arrived home from shopping only to realize that we have spent more than we wanted to. Therefore, developing smart shopping tactics can help you keep a well balanced budget. These smart shopping tips will help you save money on shopping.

Money Management Tips

Developing good money management habits that will lead to smart planning, spending and saving of your money is essential to the achievement of your desired financial goals. These money management tips will help you develop those habits.

Personal/Lifestyle Tips

These lifestyle tips will require making some little adjustments in your lifestyle, delaying instant gratification, and changing your attitudes towards some things. Those little changes and adjustments can really help you generate extra cash from your current financial resources.

Start saving money from your personal and lifestyle changes

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Now, saving money from your current financial resources is good but generating extra or additional income is better.

Extra Income Tips

Sometimes it can be somehow hard to save enough from your current financial resources hence the need to come up with ways to generate extra income.

The extra cash is what you'll find in your current financial resources. The extra income is what you'll generate from little (probable even big) business ventures you'll come up with. You will share with us the little business ventures you started that have made a notable difference in your financial life.

Finaly, even though some of these money saving tips you'll never spend a dime, just a little adjustments here and there in your life, some you'll have to spend some little initial investment but the long term savings will be enormous. However, if you have enough financial resources, you can do major money saving adjustments in your life such as having your home fully solar powered.

Remember, no one will be holding a gun to your head to 'make' you follow money saving tips extra cash generating tips. Take what you can find here and use. Leave the rest. Other people will use them...most likely myself. :)

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