Lifestyle Tips That Can Help You Save Money

 lifestyle tips

These lifestyle tips will require making some little adjustments in your lifestyle, delaying instant gratification, and changing your attitudes towards some things.

Those little changes and adjustments can really help you generate extra cash from your current financial resources.

  • Live a godly life.

    “Do not be wise in your eyes; fear the Lord and shun evil. This will bring health to your body and nourishment to your bones (your medical bills will reduce). Honour the Lord with your wealth, with the first fruits of all your crops; then your barns will be filled to overflowing, and your vats will brim over with new wine (you will never lack)” – Proverbs 3:7-10

  • Take a healthy packed lunch to work.

    Bringing your lunch to work can save you a good some of money. If you save Ksh. 100 to Ksh. 150 a day x 5 days a week x 50 weeks a year, you can save Ksh. 25,000+ per year. That’s a quite a good sum of extra cash to keep. Isn’t it?

  • Walk or cycle to work.

    It may look like taking things too far but it is free. Just leave early for work. You can also do the same when going to the market or running errands.

  • Cook at home, do not eat out.

    Get some new cooking appliances, new recipes or take a cooking class but stop going out to restaurants frequently. Not only will the practice be cheaper, but provide more nutritional value. Or rather than stop eating out, simply cut down.

  • Keep fit.

    Keeping physically active can prevent major illnesses and is the basis for a healthier lifestyle. Cut medical bills by keeping fit and keep more extra cash.

  • Cancel your gym membership.

    If you pay your Ksh 8,000 a month and you use the gym three times a week, great. If not, cancel your membership immediately. Buy your own bike and, if you are so inclined, a set of dumb bells. Consider jogging around the estate three times a week. It is free.

  • Do DIY (Do it yourself).

    Do some of the home repairs or small projects on your own. Learn some skills from friends, workmates, relatives or neighbours; be around when the plumber you’ve hired goes around fixing your taps and learn; browse the internet and learn lots of ways to fix common home repairs and buy some home DIY tools to fix your own gadgets.

  • Take up a money-saving hobby.

    Hobbies not only open your mind to new experiences but they also take up your time that you would otherwise spend in the pub drinking away your hard-earned money that could be your extra cash.

  • Learn to say 'no'.

    Do not give in to the whining demands of your kids for unbudgeted toys; to your friends invite for un-planned trip or to your relative’s request to host them, when you have no extra cash for the extra expenditure. Kindly decline in either case until you are able to spend.

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  • Stop trying to keep up with the neighbours.

    It simply means live within your means and save yourself of debts by making lifestyle changes to suit your income.

  • Trade down your car.

    You have landed yourself the latest fuel guzzler. That is impressive! But can you honestly justify the ongoing expenses? If not, get rid of the vehicle and consider fuel efficient, reconditioned ones which you can pick up for a fraction of the cost of a new one.

  • Use one car instead of two.

    If you live in an area that has good public transportation, see if you can get by on one car instead of two.

  • Cut down your drinking.

    A few beers after work or a few nights a week is a financially debilitating state of affairs. Set limits and stick to them. What you save thereafter is extra cash for you.

  • Pack up smoking.

    Never mind the health implications, the guilt and the smell, your 20 sticks-a-day habit is costing you nearly Ksh 15,000+ a year.

  • Take good care of your things.

    Consider the many times you’ve replaced your expensive mobile phone because you forgot it someplace or the number of times you change your shock absorbers because you drive into every pot hole you come across.

    If you lend something to your friends or relative, impress upon them to take care of your things.

  • Winning the Lottery– it will not be you!

    The odds of winning a lottery are always too high. It is always a million to one. Stop buying those lottery tickets and save the cash.

  • Rent or Move to a cheaper house.

    One of the toughest challenges that people who lose their jobs face is adjusting to their present circumstances. Moving to a cheaper house is one of them. If you are struggling to keep up with your high rent payments, why not move to a cheaper. Say you are paying Ksh. 15,000 for rent; you decide to move to a cheaper house whose monthly rent is Ksh. 8,000. You start creating extra cash of Ksh. 7,000 every month.

  • If you buy magazines regularly think about getting a subscription.

    Only follow this tip if you are sure you are going to read the magazine every time, all year! Ask for one as a birthday present.

  • Swap and share books and movies.

    If you read a lot of books or watch a lot of movies, you can borrow some or exchange with a friend or join a books club or movie rental store. This way you will reduce your books/movie budget and use the extra cash for other things.

Do you have other lifestyle tips that are helping you to save money?

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