Have Your Household Items at your Finger Tips with a Home Inventory Software

Having a comprehensive home inventory of all your household items has a number of benefits:

1. Will help you get organized:

  • You will easily know the whereabouts of items in the house.
  • You will use it as a check list when moving out.
  • You will easily keep track and manage all of your household assets.

2. It can be a money management tool (when the value of each item is indicated in the inventory) that will help you:

  • To quickly determine
  •  the value of your possessions (Net worth).
  • Determine how much home owner's insurance you need to cover your household items.
  • Prepare an insurance claim or claim income tax losses.
  • Prepare a will and an estate plan.

Features of a Good Home Inventory Software

The easiest way to start and maintain an inventory of your household items is to use a home inventory software. You will need a software that will enable you to:

  • Have full description of your items with a photo attachment.
  • Know where each item is placed in the house.
  • Have details of when and where you bought the item, the dealer, the make, manufacturer, brand name, model number, invoice/Purchase Order number, working condition (good or faulty), cost, serial number, quantity, beneficiary of the item (a good feature for estate planning and preparing a will).

home inventory software

  • Have records of items sold, when sold, the persons you sold to, and selling price (if you want a record of your previous assets sold).
  • Know warrant type of your items and the expiry dates of warrants.
  • Have records of items that are taxable and those that are insured, the insurers and policy number.
  • Know which items are on lease and the lease periods.

home inventory software 2

  • Create backups and produce summary reports (hard copies) of your household items for filing or other uses such as making an insurance claim.

home inventory

One of the home inventory software that can do all of the above, is the HomeManage Software.

homemanage software

Click image to see a clear view.

This application is very easy to use. Even though it’s accompanied with a user manual (pdf file), I will briefly and simply show you how to use it:

  1. First, you will create a room structure of your house or home (Section 1 on the photo above). On the example above, I labelled my home as ‘My Bungalow’ and proceeded to name my rooms as Master B/R, B/R 1 (Children’s Room), B/R 2 (Extra Room), B/R 3 (Visitors Room), Kitchen, Living Room, WC (Toilet), WC2 (Shower Room) and Store.
  2. Second, select one room at a time and begin to list all items that are in each room. You will upload photos of the items and put a full description of each item on the property window. All items in a room will appear in the Section 2. Section 3 will show all the properties of the item selected on Section 2.
  3. Third, create a back up, print hard copies if you so wish and you are done. Simple! Isn’t it?

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