Home Bookkeeping: Your Complete, One-Stop Solution For Tracking Your Expenditures, Managing Your Finances & Eliminating Debt

Home bookkeeping is a feature-packed application aimed for individuals, households, small business owners and self employed. If you are looking for a budgeting software with more than just the basic functional features, this is the right software.

Home Bookkeeping

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Although it’s a sophisticated and complex piece of software, it is user-friendly and a pleasure to use. It is designed to work on any standard Windows-based PC and Windows Mobile devices such as a Windows Mobile PAD or Smartphone.

Here are some of the things you can do with Home Bookkeeping:

  • Draw up your expense and income budget
  • Record your expenses or cash outflows
  • Record your income or cash inflows
  • Create expense categories and sub-categories for easier tracking
  • Monitor your debt repayment
  • Use a debt reminder feature to remind you of debt payments
  • Plan your future expenses. Planned expenses can be added to the real expense database at the specified periodicity such as weekly, monthly, quarterly e.t.c.
  • Plan your future income. Planned income can be added to the real income database at the specified periodicity such as weekly, monthly, quarterly e.t.c.
  • Create accounts. Accounts can be a bank account, a credit card, a wallet or purse, electronic money, etc. The accounts system is used to know how much money you have and from where an expense has been drawn.
  • Home Bookkeeping has a multi-user support. Several people can each logging in using their own username. To ensure privacy and security, a username can be protected with a password.
  • You can use it in many different currencies
  • You can import data records from Microsoft Excel spreadsheets, for example, your bank statements if you get them in the Microsoft Excel format from your bank
  • You can easily import data records from other personal finance software using QIF files (Quicken Interchange Format)
  • Synchronize with another Home Bookkeeping installed on another computer
  • Synchronize with the Pocket PC version
  • And many more...

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If you want to buy any of the version offline (via MPESA), follow this link.

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