Goal Planner Plus | Goal Setting Software To Help You Easily Set And Track Your Goals

Are you looking for a simple goal setting software that makes setting goals an easy task and at the same time very easy to use? A software that is lean and not overloaded with unnecessary features, which simplifies your goal setting tasks? ... The one that fits that description is: Goal Planner Plus!

Goal Setting software

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It’s a very simple goal setting software that can help you set and track your goals in a more organized, planned, and more flexible manner. It’s fitted with the only basic functions that you’ll need making it an easy piece of software to use, and the easier software is to use, the more likely it will be used.

Here's What You Can Do With Goal Planner Plus

  • You can set a main goal and then break it down into small manageable goals that are easier to work on and achieve.
  • You can assign priority to your goals. This will enable you to know which goal takes precedence over others.
  • You can set completion dates (deadlines) for your goals so that you know when it should have been achieved.
  • You can create habit establishing programs and keep track of them. A habit can be a routine thing that you want to establish in your life such as daily workout, planning for next day, reading, or meditating.

Here's What Goal Planner Plus Can Do For You

  • It has a S.M.A.R.T. checklist to help you set achievable goals.
  • It automatically updates the status of your goals indicating which goals need your immediate attention and which ones don't. It does this by highlighting the goals with a colour, based on its status.
  • Just in case you have trouble figuring out which goal to work on at the moment, Goal Planner Plus figures it out for you and suggests which goal you should work on now. It will give the goal at the bottom.

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