Financial Products and Services in Kenya

Explore the various financial products and services (investment and savings products, credit and debit cards, bank accounts, insurance, loans, and financial services) available in the Kenyan market and find the solutions you need to streamline your financial life today.

But remember to make smart and informed financial choices when choosing these products and services. Where you are in doubt, seek clarification or assistance from the product/service provider, financially informed friends or financial experts.

One of the smartest things you'll need to do is to find out first if you can afford these financial products and services before you commit yourself. To do that, you have to do a financial check up on your finances. Get a FREE copy of the Financial Action Plan Workbook that will help you do that, easily and ASAP.

Disclosure Notice: The fact that these products and services are posted on this site does not mean they have been endorsed by and Insight Limited. But they are posted here by financial companies for advertisement purposes. and Insight Limited does not receive any commission if you buy any financial product or service Except for the advertisement fees paid by the advertiser for putting their products and services on this site.

Financial Products

Investments & Savings

Investments and savings products in Kenya

Achieving your financial goals and enjoying financial freedom requires saving and investing your money. Look for products that meet your savings and investments objectives.


Insurance products in Kenya

Life is full of uncertainties. So protect your family and your assets with your choice of insurance products: life insurance, health insurance, personal accident cover, auto and home insurance etc.


Loan products in Kenya

If have a big ticket item that requires a large sum of cash that you currently don't have, you can check out for the best loan product in the market here.

Credit & Debit Cards

Credit Card offers in Kenya

Looking for a credit or debit card? Compare and apply for the best card.

Bank Accounts

Bank Accounts in Kenya

Look for the best bank accounts: savings accounts, current accounts,foreign currency accounts, etc and then open one that meets your financial needs.

Financial Services

Financial Services in Kenya

If you need help to manage, control, streamline or sort out your financial affairs, look out for the best and competent financial expert.

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