Developing your financial genius

Developing your Financial Genius eBook

Developingyour financial geniusDeveloping your Financial Genius stresses on the importance of financial inteligence in solving your money problems and achieving financial success.

In this eBook, you’ll learn:

  • Four common ways on how we create our money problems. Like most normal folks, you have a job. Every week or two weeks or month you get a paycheck. So, you’ve got money! But where the heavens do money problems come from? You'll find out inside this eBook.
  • Becoming money smart to solve your money problems will require you to understand:
        • 1. Money alone doesn’t solve money problems.

          2. Hard work alone doesn’t solve money problems.

          3. Education alone doesn’t solve money problems.

          4. A job doesn’t solve money problems.

  • Financial genius or intelligence solves money problems and when you solve your money problems, your financial intelligence grows and when your financial intelligence grows, you become financial successful.
  • Solving money problems involves creating wealth.
  • The most important rule in solving money problems and creating financial success.
  • How to deal with your money problems using two strategies: Defensive and Offensive strategies.

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