Compare Children Bank Accounts in Kenya

Children bank accounts are important to help you get your child into the saving habit early in life. Starting your child on a savings plan early can help set him/her up for a secure financial future. The easiest way to go might be to open one with your own bank; however you might find that other banks offer more attractive incentives than yours.

Take time to look at the features from all these children bank accounts and choose what sounds best for your child. It is always better to go for an account which does not require any type of maintenance fees and also you should find out whether or not any fees are charged for accounts that are not active for a specific period of time. High fees can eat up your child’s savings and any interest earned.

Different banks offer different interest rates. So, find one that offer attractive interest rates.

Provider /Account Account Balances Account Operating Fees Interest Other Features
National Bank logo
Vision Account
  • Opening-Ksh 500.00
  • Minimum operating-Ksh 500.00
  • No Account Maintenance Fees
  • Counter withdrawal fee Ksh 100.00 per withdrawal
  • ATM withdrawal Ksh 30.00 per withdrawal
  • Free standing order to Vision account
  • Up to 5.5% per annum
  • Operated by parents/ guardians on behalf of the child.
  • Free banker’s cheques for school fees payments
  • Membership to Vision Account Club (Discount arrangement at various suppliers e.g Village Market, Text Book Center, Cycleland, Resolution Health, Gertrude Children’s Hospital, and others)
boa logo
123 Cool Kids Account
  • Opening-Ksh 2,000.00
  • Minimum Operating Ksh 5,000.00
  • No monthly charges
  • Ledger fees of Ksh 200.00 per month if balance is below Ksh 2,000.00
  • Tiered interest for savings above Ksh 5,000.00
  • Attractive interest rates on daily account balances at 5.5% subject to market conditions
  • No ATM card and cheque book issued
  • Over the counter withdrawals allowed once times per every 3 months
  • Free statement every 6 months
  • Free piggy bank-bank keeps the keys
Consolidated Bank logo
Junior Saver Account
  • Opening-Ksh 1,000.00
  • No charges
  • Interest earned for amounts above Ksh 3,000.00
  • Bonus interest of 25% earned if there are no withdrawals for a year
  • Free home bank
  • Limited withdrawals
  • Free financial advice to the junior savers.
im bank logo
Young Savers Account
  • Opening-Ksh 1,000.00
  • No Ledger Fees
  • No account maintenance Charge
  • No transaction charges of any kind are levied.
  • Interest payable quarterly on monthly minimum balance If minimum balance is maintained.
  • 50% additional interest payable at the end of the calendar year on average yearly balances
  • In case of no withdrawals in a year, additional bonus interest of 1% per annum is payable
  • No cheque books or ATM Cards are issued
  • Between 1-6 withdrawals within one calendar year
Prime Bank logo
Prime Junior Savings Account
  • Opening-Ksh 5,000.00
  • Minimum Operating Ksh 5,000.00
  • No ledger fees.
  • No standing fee
  • 4.5%p.a. interest calculated on daily cleared balance and credited monthly
  • Monthly direct debits (at no charge) from the Guardian account to the Junior Account in amounts of:

    Ksh 2,000.00
    Ksh 5,000.00
    Ksh 10,000.00
    Ksh 20,000.00 per month for a predetermined period of 3, 5, 7 or 10 years

  • Free quarterly statements
Imperial bank logo
Marble Junior Savings Account
  • Opening-Ksh 1,000.00
  • Minimum Operating Ksh 1,000.00
  • Amount below minimum balance is charged Ksh 100.00.00 per month
  • No ledger fees
  • Any withdrawal after the 3 free withdrawals is charged Ksh 100.00 per transaction
  • 12.5% bonus is paid on interest if no withdraws are made within the year
  • Tiered interest rates paid on a minimum monthly balance and credited to the account quarterly
  • Unlimited number of deposits
  • The account automatically graduates to the AMBER Savings Account on 18th birthday.
  • 3 free monthly withdrawals a month.
  • No charge for payment of school fees(Bankers cheques, EFT, other remittances etc)
  • Great discounts at various merchants.
Standard Chartered bank logo
Safari Jnr
  • Opening-Ksh 2,000.00
  • Free withdrawals. (Once a calendar quarter)
  • No monthly charges
  • Interest Rate Not Stated
  • Statements every quarter
  • Can set up a monthly standing order to transfer money from your main account to your child’s Safari Jnr Account.
  • Entitled to one free banker's cheque quarterly
Fina bank logo
Fina Junior
  • Opening-Ksh1,000.00
  • No ledger fees
  • Interest payable on minimum monthly collected balance
  • Interest Rate Not stated
  • No cheque book
  • Free annual statements
  • One free withdrawal per month
  • Unlimited number of cash deposits
  • Free ATM card
  • One free banker’s cheque
Equity bank logo
Super Junior Investment Account
  • Low minimum account opening and operating balance
  • No ledger fees
  • No maintenance fees
  • No monthly charges
  • Interest Rate Not stated
  • Free bankers’ cheque for payment of school fees
  • No cash and cheque deposit charges
  • Free internal standing order
  • Access to school fees loan
family bank logo
Mdosi Junior Account
  • Opening-Ksh 200.00
  • No ledger fees
  • Interest earning balance of Ksh 5,000.00
  • Interest Rate Not stated
  • Free standing order from your Family Bank Account to Mdosi Junior Account
  • Free Banker's Cheque for payment of the Child's school fees
  • 3 Free withdrawals per year
  • Free Home bank
  • Loans of up to 90% of the amount in the Mdosi Junior Account
nic bank logo
Young Movers Savings Account
  • Opening-Ksh 2,000.00
  • Minimum operating-Ksh 2,000.00
  • No monthly ledger fees
  • No charges for incoming transfers
  • Interest earning from Ksh 5,000.00
  • Interest Rate Not stated
  • ATM card
  • 24 hr access and mini statements via ATM
  • Access via SMS and internet banking
  • Free half annual statement
  • Partnerships with a wide selection of key outlets

Updated: 22/03/2011

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