Budget Advisor: The Simple Way To Manage Your Personal/Household Budget

The Budget Advisor is a basic and simple budgeting software for individuals and households. If you have previously used pen and paper or spreadsheets to set up your budget and manage your finances, you’ll find this money management tool very easy to use.

One good thing about this software is that it’s not loaded with ‘unnecessary’ features and the basic functions that you would want to use are all visible on the control panel making it ideal for one who doesn’t like complicated stuff.

personal budget software

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Here are some of the basic things you can do with Budget Advisor:

  • You can quickly and easily set up your budget with a few clicks thus saving time
  • Breakdown your budget into categories and sub-categories (items) for effective tracking of your spending
  • Prioritize expenses (essential, non-essential, fixed, variable or discretionary) for easier control and management of your budget
  • Compare your month to month expenses to monitor your spending and make adjustments where necessary
  • Customize the software to suit your needs i.e.

    # You can change the default budget categories and items

    # You can select the currency you would like to work with. So it doesn’t matter which country you are.

  • You can import your bank and/or credit card statements. Instead typing everything manually, you can just download your statements and import them into Budget Advisor thus saving you time.
  • You can make notes on your purchases such as indicating the items you bought on a certain day. This will help know your spending pattern (how often, quantity purchased, amount spent) on certain items.

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