Free Excel Personal Financial Planning Spreadsheets for Managing Personal Finances

You can now do your financial planning with much ease with these financial planning spreadsheets. These excel spreadsheets are well-designed comprehensive spreadsheet templates offering features and tools that make it easy to manage all aspects of your personal finance. Even a mere beginner will find them easy to personalize and use them.

Most of the financial planning worksheets I had given you on this site were pdf format. They required you to download, print and then use a pen. You can continue to do so if you like. But why don’t you try these excel spreadsheets then later tell what you think about them.

With these financial planning spreadsheets, you just download them into your computer and use them from there. You will only print them when you need a hard copy of your filled excel spreadsheets.

Excel spreadsheets are extremely powerful tools that can help one not only in managing personal finances but also in handling all the other aspects of personal finance.

So, let me show you the financial planning spreadsheets I have designed for you:

1. Budget & Cashflow Statement Spreadsheet

The Budget & cashflow statement spreadsheet helps you track your income and personal expenses. You will be able to create your personal budget and also a cashflow statement at the same time.

This helps you understand what you are actually saving every month and quickly identify areas where you may be overspending. As you input your daily expenditure data, you will be able to know immediately what’s the balance is in a category thus prevent you from overspending.

Totals are automatically calculated so you don’t have to worry using a calculator so often. Monthly summaries are also automatically computed and you will be able to have a graphical view of your budget and actual spending.

Am offering two types of these financial planning spreadsheets:

  • Single Monthly Budget & Cashflow Statement Spreadsheet. So, if you need a spreadsheet for each month, you’ll have to create copies from the original copy you downloaded
budget planning spreadsheet

Download a copy of this spreadsheet. (It's a zip file)

  • 12 Monthly Budget & Cashflow Statement Spreadsheets have been linked together in a single excel workbook such that summaries from each month can be automatically merged in one sheet. This way, you will be able to compare your month to month actual spending in each budget category with ease.
financial planning spreadsheet

Click the image to get a better view. (The image will open up in a pdf file in a new window)

2. Net-Worth (Balance Sheet) Statement Calculator

If you want to prepare a personal net worth statement, this spreadsheet calculator will do the job ASAP. All you’ll have to do is just fill the data and calculations are done automatically.

personal networth spreadsheet

Download a copy of this spreadsheet. (It's a zip file)

3. My Financial Goals

This is a table which you will use to create your SMART goals.

personal finance goals

Download a copy of this table. (It's a zip file)

financial planning spreadsheets

I have put these three financial planning spreadsheets tools into one package i.e. one excel workbook for ease of use.

Click here to download this free financial planning spreadsheets package.

I will also appreciate if you will give me your comments after using these tools. Bookmark this page then come back here and post your comments below. I will be very grateful.

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