How Smart Are You When It Comes To Managing Personal Finances?

Individuals who lack skills in managing personal finances tend to make bad financial decisions that get them into financial problems. Are you one of them? ... Let's find out...

  • Does your monthly expenses exceed your disposable income?
  • Do you have enough savings to cover your expenses in the event of an emergency?
  • Are you a double-income family that requires both incomes to maintain your lifestyle?
  • Do your total housing payments, long-term debts and major fixed expenses exceed 60 percent of your income?
  • Are you accruing interest charges by not making timely deposits, because you are spending more than your net income?
  • Do you live on borrowed money or credit cards to cover living expenses and fail to pay off the balances at the end of the month?
  • Do you neglect bills to make an impulse or luxury purchase?
  • Do you buy things based on monthly payments instead of actual cost?
  • Will your health insurance cover you if you suffer a significant or catastrophic illness?
  • Do you postpone planning for retirement because you think retirement is still far away?
  • Do you make a purchase based on a perceived need or desire, or what you feel you deserve, instead of what you can afford?
  • Do you buy expensive branded goods because of the emotional feeling?
  • Do you sometimes finance luxury items without first considering their financial impact on your finances?
  • Do you use borrowed money, such as credit cards, to make payments on items you have already purchased?
  • Do you buy items out of guilt for your children, whether or not you can afford them?
  • Do you when stressed out, anxious or celebrating, spend money you don't have?

If you answered "yes" to two or three of these, it's time you change how you've been managing personal finances. You need to learn financial skills that will enable you make smart financial decisions that will contribute to the fulfillment of your financial goals .

[How the most basic things in life affect you and your personal finances. ]

Managing personal finances does not require you to be a certified accountant. Neither does it require you to have a sophisticated financial calculator. And if i may add, does not require an 'A' in maths. Actually, basic arithmetic...the '1+1=2' kind of stuff, will do quite fine here.

Click here to start managing personal finances in a better way.


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